3 | Layna Hathaway

After injuries prematurely ended her club and SCHS soccer career, Layna Hathaway parlayed her love for fashion and styling into 75 Degrees and Fuzzy – a creative fashion brand for women. Currently a business student at Cal Poly SLO, we’ll tap into everything Layna’s learned and experienced since high school graduation.

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2 | Nelson Tabarez

A three-year varsity letterman, Nelson Tabarez is a magician on the pitch — fusing ridiculous ball skills with an incredibly high soccer IQ. We’ll tap into his perspective, along with another of his passions.

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1 | Pilot

On the cusp of life’s next chapter, three people discuss: staring death in the face while cliff-diving, why it’s important to be uncomfortable, the ascent to happiness, chasing dreams halfway around the world, how a self-starter’s mindset opens doors, alternative routes to success, and so much more.

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